Student Paper Competition

The IMBioC 2024 Awards Committee congratulates the following papers on being selected as finalists for the Best Student Paper competition, in order of presentation time:

TitlePresentation TimeFirst Author
Neural Network Model for Breast
Tissue Thickness Estimation
Tuesday, June 11, 9:45am – 10amHenna Jethani
Wireless Real Time Sweat Secretion
Monitoring Using Waveguide-Based
Wearable Sensor
Wednesday, June 12, 11:40am – 11:55amVishal Balasubramanian
Enabling mm-Wave in Vitro Cell
Vitality Measurements in Standard
Cultivation Environment
Wednesday, June 12, 1:30pm-1:45pmPhilipp Hinz
Effect of Cell Size for In-Flow
Dielectrophoresis Cytometry-Based
Dielectric Characterization
Wednesday, June 12, 1:45pm – 2pmBehnam Arzhang
Employing Surface Waves for
Detection of Skin Melanoma: Initial
Analysis and Simulations
Wednesday, June 12, 2pm – 2:15pmShangyang Shang
Enhancing Female Breast Modelling:
Advanced Strategies in the Case
Study of a Plane Wave Exposure
Wednesday, June 12, 3:10pm-3:25pmNoemi Dolciotti
SNR Variability With Frontal Coil Plate
Displacement in 3T Head MRI
Thursday, June 13, 10:15am – 10:30amWilliam Mathieu 
On-Chip Radiometer With
Miniaturized Near-Field Antenna for
Internal Body Thermometry
Thursday, June 13, 11:25am-11:40amJooeun Lee
Low-Cost SDR-Based RF Transceiver
for Microwave Breast Screening
Thursday, June 13, 11:40am-11:55amMilad Mokhtari

The presentations will be evaluated by several anonymous judges. We hope that all attendees will be able to hear the presentations and we encourage additional feedback (forms will be provided)!


  • Apply for the Student Paper Competition during the paper submission process.
  • The Student is the first and primary author on the paper, with at most two additional co-authors.
  • Register for the conference and present your paper in person.
  • Per the rules of the Young Professional competition, a paper is not eligible for both competitions.

Selection process:

  • The Awards Committee determines paper eligibility and selects 10 finalists.
  • All applicants will receive an email by May 17, 2024 indicating whether they are selected for the final competition.
  • Awards Committee will select 3 evaluators for each paper.
  • During the paper presentation, the paper is evaluated by anonymous judges in terms of (1) technical quality; (2) novelty; (3) presentation quality; and (4) quality of responses to questions from the audience.
  • The Awards Committee will select a Gold, Silver and Bronze paper award. Winners will be announced at the last coffee break on Thursday, June 13th.