Young professional attendees are invited to participate in the Power Pitch Competition.

The rules are as follows:

-The oral pitches will involve: a maximum of 3 min presentation with a maximum of 4 powerpoint slides

-Pitches will be presented back-to-back with no questions

-The pitches should highlight the key needs or challenges that your work addresses along with important innovations and/or outcomes.

-The organizer will announce your name and pitch title, so you do not need to spend time mentioning these unless you wish to


-Any Young Professional who is a co-author of a presented paper is eligible to participate, whether or not they are the presenter of the paper itself

-A paper may NOT be submitted to both the Best Student Paper competition and this Young Professionals competition. If the paper contains authors who may be eligible for both, the authors should decide amongst themselves in advance as to which competition it will be submitted in.

-Young Professional is defined by the IEEE as someone who is within 15 years from the graduation date of their first professional degree, please see here for further information.

Indicate your interest to participate on EDAS:

-In EDAS during the final manuscript upload, you will be prompted to answer the question “Interested in participating in Young Professionals Power Pitch Competition?” to which you should check “yes”

Please consider acknowledging the support given by IEEE Young Professionals. For example, add “Supported/Sponsored by IEEE Young Professionals (logo)” on your advertisement matters, website, posts, and others. You may find our logos Here.